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Full Spectrum. Solventless.

We believe in a solventless extraction process that separates the cannabinoids from the plant material using only heat and pressure while also preserving the natural terpenes. From there, the full spectrum extract, called Rosin is turned into a wide selection of products.



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I can wholeheartedly recommend Ouachita Farms to everybody who is 18 and above. Their entire range of Rosin Capsules, Magic Brownies, & Magic Cookies are high quality and formulated for real-world use. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a capsule, or the enjoyable taste of edibles, Ouachita Farms has you covered.

Caleb C.

There's some great stuff in this one: Once D9 THC is descheduled, the floodgates of proper scientific research into the entourage effect will open. I anticipate a future where more processed products with varied cannabinoid profiles, multiple major and minor cannabinoids, will be available. When that time comes, I imagine that history will look fondly on companies like Ouachita Farms that have been putting out these high quality products with meaningful but legal amounts of THC for years.

Jonathan D.

A mixture of D9 and D8 THC is my preferred experience after sampling these Delta 8 Gummies. The more full-spectrum cannabinoids that can be added to the mix the better. Ouachita Farms understands that and I recommend all of their products. Whatever cannabinoid you need for your desired effect, Ouachita Farms has it in spades.

Devin S.

The Ouachita Farms Rosin Shots are effective and are quick and easy to use. Most importantly, they are cost-effective. Don’t sleep on Ouachita Farms’ rosin shots.

Jackson R.