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Cannabis Oils

Our Rosin Drops are best for daily dosage, this is true full... 


It all starts with the flower and we carry the best selection... 


Edibles are and always will be the #1 most popular way to... 

Rosin Makes The Magic

We use heat and pressure to extract rosin from CBD/CBG flower and infuse that solventless extract into a diverse line of products. Learn why rosin makes everything better.

Rosin 101

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Use this map to find Ouachita Farms products in your neck of the woods. If your favorite store doesn't know about us yet, spread the word!

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A Family of Brands

Ouachita Farms is the flagship from a growing family of super innovative local and national brands that focus on doing cannabis the right way and helping people in the process.

  • Ouachita Farms

    Ouachita Farms has been found on over 700 retail shelves across the Mid-South region since 2019 focusing on Rosin based products.

  • Brazos Farms

    Brazos Farms was founded in 2021 to serve the Texas market with quality Rosin based products and is a proud Go Texan member.

  • Lark

    Lark is a full spectrum seltzer that is sugar free, alcohol free, and infused with legal THC/CBD. Keep the buzz, drop the booze.

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