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  • "For 15 years, I have suffered from fibromyalgia with muscle cramps and have tried everything to help manage my pain and anxiety. The rosin drops from Ouachita Farms has worked wonders for both afflictions. For the first time since I was diagnosed with fibro, I have finally been able to experience relaxation and pain management without prescriptions. Using the rosin drops has also helped me with withdrawal symptoms from opioids and anxiety medication that were prescribed to me while I battled breast cancer. I have been able to completely stop taking any other pain medications! This formula really makes a difference in my life. I have tried other brands, but they just don't work as well as Ouachita Fams. Highly recommend it!"
    - Penny Beckwith - Arkansas
  • "...I began to notice I was able to be active for longer periods of time, climb stairs with confidence, do some simple gardening. In essence, I felt my life begin to be more like it was before I was so affected by this disease... "
    - Kim Boutahar - Michigan - Click Here To Read Full Testimony