Lab Results

SteepHill Lark D9 Seltzer Water COA AR28370
SteepHill Ave Seltzer Water COA AR42146
ACS D8 50mg Gummy COA AAEZ858
ACS D8 25mg Gummy COA AAEZ859
SteepHill CBD Magic Cookie COA AR43763
SteepHill CBD Magic Brownie COA AR43765
SteepHill CBN Night Time Cookie COA AR43764
CBN NIght Time Brownie SteepHill COA AR43766
SteepHill HD9 Gummy COA AR35349
SteepHill Delta 9 Pecan Praline COA AR35345
SteepHill CBN Cookie COA AR35347
SteepHill Magic Cookie COA AR35344
SteepHIll CBN Brownie COA AR29111
SteepHill Magic Brownie COA AR29110
SteepHill CBN Cookie COA AR24097
ACS Delta8 Cookie COA AADY721
ACS Delta8 Brownie COA AADY722
ACS AADU449 Delta9 Pecan Praline COA
Steephill Magic AR23995 Magic Cookie COA 
SteepHill AR16480 CBN Magic Cookie COA
ACS AACU347 Delta8 Magic Brownie COA 
KCA SA-22072-10683 HHC|Δ9 25mg Gummy COA
ACS AADC450 50mg Delta8 Gummy COA
ACS ACX558 Delta8 25mg Gummy COA 
SteepHill AR11929 CBD Magic Cookie COA 
ACS AACU348 Delta8 Cookie COA
SteepHill AR 13478 - Hemp Derived D9 Gummies COA
SteepHill AR 11790 - CBD Magic Cookie COA
SteepHill AR 11932 - CBN Brownie COA
SteepHill AR11788 - CBD Magic Brownie COA
Cannabis Oils
Steep Hill AR24333 CBN Drops/Caps/Shops
AR17535 CBN Rosin Drops/Caps/Shots COA
SteepHill AR15404 THC Rosin Drops/Caps/Shots COA
SteepHill AR14948 CBG Rosin Drops/Caps COA
ACS Labs AACX393 - Delta8 Rosin Drops/Caps/Shot COA
SteepHill AR96976 - THC Free Drops/Caps COA
KCA SA-10052021-4549 - HHC Rosin Drops COA
ACS Labs  AABN365 - Delta8 Rosin Drop/Caps/Shot
Steep Hill AR97505 - 100mg CBD/30ml Pet Drops 
SteepHill COA AR18892 T-Free CBD Distillate Drops
KCA SA-220920-2304 HHC Caps\Drops\Shots
SteepHill COA AR22121 CBG Rosin Caps/Drops
Green Leaf Lab CBC Distillate COA 5025020
KCA Labs CBC Distillate SA-221003-12674
ACS AAED034 Delta 8 Distillate
ACS AADD958 Delta8 Distillate COA 
Dab Sauce/Concentrates
SteepHill CBD Deodorant COA AR35350
SteepHill CBD/CBG Salve COA AR35350
SteepHill CBG Salve COA AR32542
SteepHill CBD Chapstick COA AR28241
SteepHill AR15403 CBD Chapstick COA
SteepHill AR9826 - Cannabis Healing Facial Moisturizer 
SteepHill AR5243 - CBD/CBG Rosin Salve
SteepHill AR6025 - CBD Rosin Salve COA
Steep Hill AR69281 - 40mg CBD/2.5oz Deodorant (43mg CBD Actual)
SteepHill COA AR18992 CBD Deodorant 
SteepHill AR19453 CBD|CBG Salve COA
KCA Labs - HHC Hash Vape Cartridge COA
KCA Labs - HHC Wax Vape Cartridge COA
ACS Labs AABD356 - Delta8 THC Vape Cartridge
KCA Labs - HHC Vape Cartridge
ACS Labs AABD185 - Delta8 Hash Cart COA
Pet Products
SteepHill AR19452 Dog Treat COA
ACS Labs AABP165 - 20MG CBD Dog Treats 

Farm to Door

Dispensary grade products found at your local store and shipped to your front door. 

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