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15mg CBD Dog Treats - Pack of Ten


Calm down your furry friends with our CBD Dog Treats, each containing 15mg of CBD. This package contains ten 2.65g treats. INGREDIENTS Ground Whole Wheat, Wheat Flour, Meat and Bone Meal, Milk, Bee...


CBD CBG Rosin Dab Sauce "Cherry Limeade" - 1 Gram


CBD/CBG Rosin Dab Sauce  Hemp Derived Terpenes: Cherry Limeade 1 Gram contains  CBD: 739MG CBG: 117MG CBC: 7MG D9-THC: 2.9MG


CBD Distillate Drops - THC-Free Cannabis Oil


WHAT'S INSIDE - 30 ml bottle: 1000mg CBD, 0mg Delta9-THC, 0mg THCa - Organic MCT Oil from Coconuts as the carrier. HOW IT'S MADE We are limited on what claims we can make about CBD, but pl...

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CBD/CBG Rosin Chocolate - Vegan/Soy Free/GF

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Ouachita Farms has partnered with Joel and Ali Rush at Ouachita Chocolate in Hot Springs National Park to create a line of cannabis infused chocolate made from our extracts! This is single bean cho...

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Ouachita Farms

CBG Stem Cell of Cannabis Oil


WHAT'S INSIDE - 30 ml bottle current test results: 1015mg CBG, 36mg CBC, 5mg Delta9-THC. - Natural Canna Flavor HOW IT'S MADE Once harvested we take the hemp flower (bud), and press it und...

Ouachita Farms

CBN "Sweet Dreams" Magic Brownie - 5:1 CBD|CBN ...


  CBN "Sweet Dreams" Magic Brownie Average Net Weight: 57g Ingredients: Eggs, Sugar, Chocolate Chips, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Butter, Flour, Coconut Oil Infused w/Full Spectrum CBD Rosin, Vanill...


CBN Night Time Cannabis Oil


WHAT'S INSIDE - 30 ml bottle current test results: 588mg CBD, 90mg CBN, 38mg CBC, 37mg Delta9-THC, 23mg Delta8-THC - Natural Canna Flavor HOW IT'S MADE Once harvested we take the hemp flow...


Delta8 CBD Rosin Dab Sauce - Δ8THC|CBD|Cannabis...


We combine Δ8 THC Distillate with CBD Rosin and Cannabis Derived Terpenes to create a tasty and most effective dab sauce that comes in an easy to use glass syringe. A typical batch of dab sau...