Ouachita Farms Full Spectrum and Delta8 THC Rosin Drops Reviews - Slyng

Ouachita Farms Full Spectrum and Delta8 THC Rosin Drops Reviews - Slyng

Ouachita Farms Company Info

Ouachita Farms is an Arkansas based hemp company that provides quality hemp-based products from the heartland of America to the hearts of Americans all around the country.

Ouachita Farms’ products can be found in many physical storefronts, including their own Arkansas based CBD Tasting Room, and can also be ordered online. 

Ouachita Farms’ solventless extraction process of choice creates pressed hemp rosin which is then utilized for different products. I’ve previously had the chance to try Ouachita’s full spectrum Magic Brownie and Magic Cookies as well as their Rosin Capsules. For this review, Ouachita Farms sent over their Full Spectrum Rosin Drops and their Delta8 THC Rosin Drops. 

Ouachita Farms Full Spectrum Rosin Drops Review

The Ouachita Farms Full Spectrum Rosin Drops comes in a frosted glass vial that really highlights the dark, pressed hemp rosin that provides the vital cannabinoids. All in all, there is 2000mg of full spectrum CBD in these drops which means that every dropper full is close to 67mg of full spectrum CBD.

I took an entire dropper full and the thing that struck me first was the natural taste. Compared with the Delta8 THC Rosin Drops, I can definitely taste the rosin more in this product, which is no surprise given that there’s nearly 3x as much of it. After letting the rosin drops soak under my tongue for a minute, I swallowed and was on my way to better feels.

Sometimes, I wake up in the morning feeling anxious. I know it’s one of those days when I close my eyes and I feel like I see trypophobia-inducing designs where the small holes pulsate with my pulse. Having just woken up, it’s maybe because I’m closer to a dream state where I might fall in and out of sleep for an hour before fully waking up. I avoid that limbo period at all costs: The first time I wake up in the morning I’ll get right up, do some jumping jacks, and try to shake off the night terrors I guess.

These drops were great for that, and another full dropper full on a separate day really helped with inflammation in my right wrist. There isn’t any psychoactive effect and there’s something calming about the whole process of applying rosin drops sublingually. I’d recommend using this before brushing your teeth in the morning or night. It’s strong enough to last all day or night afterwards.

Taste: 4.4/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 4.8/5

Ouachita Farms Delta8 THC Rosin Drops Review

The Ouachita Farms Delta8 THC Rosin Drops comes in a frosted glass vial with a dropper top. All in all, the vial contains 720mg of cannabinoids including 300mg of CBD, 180mg of D8-THC, 180mg of CBG, and 60mg of D9-THC.

I decided to do an improvised wake and bake with these Delta8 THC Rosin Drops. As I was opening the dropper, I realized that this was going to be my first sublingual THC experience. The smooth onset (opposite of a bong rip) of the sublingual application, and its faster acting nature when compared with straight up edibles, was something I always enjoy. Admittedly, the tincture itself looked a little darker than other brands, but the taste was very natural and I enjoy that honest taste when it comes to cannabis products.

The high eased itself into my mind and body and it was a distinctly Delta8 feel. I was not couch locked in any way shape or form and was clear headed but my mood was distinctly elevated. The high wasn’t too psychoactive and what was really nice was that I (maybe just in my head) imagining all the other cannabinoids interacting with each other via the entourage effect. My body felt great which was kind of surprising given that just hours before I was unable to move much from a strained lower back.

This formulation is a 5:3:3:1 blend of CBD:D8:CBG:D9. I personally feel that that’s a great mix for pain and soreness and recovery. These aren’t necessarily the type of rosin drops that you’ll want to give to a beginner that’s never experienced THC before. But I will say this, if I had a friend that had been using CBD products and not getting the desired medicinal benefits due to a lack of THC, I would suggest these drops as a good way to ease into it. For experienced users, think of these drops as a fine cannabinoid canvas for you to start your day with and add dabs of whatever target cannabinoid on top of to achieve the desired effect.

Taste: 4.7/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 4.9/5

Once D9 THC is descheduled, the floodgates of proper scientific research into the entourage effect will open. I anticipate a future where more processed products with varied cannabinoid profiles, multiple major and minor cannabinoids, will be available. When that time comes, I imagine that history will look fondly on companies like Ouachita Farms that have been putting out these high quality products with meaningful but legal amounts of THC for years.

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