Ouachita Farms True Full-Spectrum & CBN Rosin Shots Review - Slyng

Ouachita Farms True Full-Spectrum & CBN Rosin Shots Review - Slyng

A true American hemp company, Ouachita Farms provides quality products made from full-spectrum solventless rosin. Check out our review of Ouachita Farms’ True Full-Spectrum and CBN Rosin Shots to see if they’re the right concentrates for you.

Ouachita Farms Company Info

Arkansas-based Ouachita Farms is based in the heartland of America. This hemp company has myriad products that are specially formulated to be both legal and efficacious. Ouachita Farms uses a solventless extraction process to create the hemp rosin used in each product.

Ouachita Farms’ products are available around the country. Locals may want to visit the company’s CBD Tasting Room to sample and buy what they need. For convenience, you can also order online and have items shipped directly to your door.

I’ve previously tried Ouachita’s full-spectrum Magic Brownies, Magic Cookies, Rosin Capsules, Rosin Drops, and Delta 8 THC Gummies. This time, the brand sent over Full-Spectrum and CBN Rosin Shots for me to try.

Ouachita Farms True Full-Spectrum Rosin Shot Review

Full-Spectrum Rosin Shot Packaging

Ouachita Farms’ True Full-Spectrum Rosin Shot arrives in a syringe applicator full of dark amber rosin. This full-spectrum shot contains 2 to 3mg of D9 THC, 75 to 80mg of CBD, 10 to 13mg of CBC, and 1 to 3mg of CBG.

What makes this truly full-spectrum, even compared with other Ouachita Farms products, is the inclusion of terpenes. This shot has myrcene, pinene, terpinolene, limonene, humulene, and caryophyllene, along with the MCT oil carrier.

Trying the Ouachita Farms True Full-Spectrum Rosin Shot

Given the number of cannabinoids in this rosin, I decided to split it up into two servings. I had one first thing in the morning and the other late at night. Taking smaller shots was easier to swallow and stomach without using a back or chaser.

The entire day, I was in a good mood and the sore parts of my body didn’t bother me as much. My pain never completely leaves, but this rosin shot easily pushed it to the back of my now more relaxed mind.

At night, I drifted off to sleep just fine. The sleepiness was not as quick for me as with the CBN rosin shot. However, it was still significantly sooner than if I was without any cannabinoids coursing through my system.

Ouachita Farms CBN Rosin Shot Review

CBN Rosin Shot First Impressions

The Ouachita Farms’ CBN Rosin Shot arrived in a thin syringe applicator containing a light, almost honey-colored rosin shot. This shot is a CBN-heavy mixture in which the main cannabinoid is CBD.

All in all, the Ouachita Farms CBN Rosin Shot is comprised of pressed hemp rosin, MCT oil for consistency, and CBN isolate to add the target cannabinoid. In total, each shot has 16.5mg of CBD, 10mg of CBN, 0.6mg of CBC, and 0.6mg of D9 THC.

My Experience with the Ouachita Farms CBN Rosin Shot

For those that are familiar with Ouachita Farms’ CBN Rosin Caps, the CBN Rosin Shots are much more CBN heavy. That’s why I think the brand markets this particular syringe as nighttime cannabis oil.

I’m not one to go against the grain so I planned to take it after dinner as a pleasant nightcap. This CBN rosin shot was very helpful one night when I wasn’t feeling tired but I knew I needed sleep.

After emptying the entire CBN rosin shot inside my mouth, I swished it around with some warm tea. Then I waited about a minute before swallowing. You could add it to your drink beforehand, but I wanted all the effects as soon as possible.

Ouachita Farms True Full-Spectrum & CBN Rosin Shots Review Results

Ouachita Farms has done it again with their rosin shots. For oral administration, sometimes tincture drops aren’t the best and it’s time to go for something more heavy-duty.

Ouachita Farms’ rosin shots are available D9 THC-heavy, with all the other cannabinoids needed to achieve a powerful entourage effect. You can also find CBN-heavy varieties for the ultimate nighttime cannabinoid experience.

High dosages of CBN and CBD are incredibly relaxing. These shots are effective and are quick and easy to use. Most importantly, they are cost-effective.

Don’t sleep on Ouachita Farms’ rosin shots – unless it’s the CBN one of course! Use code “MAGIC15” for an awesome 15% OFF your entire Ouachita Farms order on by clicking here!

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