Rosin 101

Rosin 101

What is Rosin?

Most extraction processes involve introducing a solvent like ethanol to the plant material in order to strip out the CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Here at Ouachita Farms we use a large heated press to "squish" the pure solventless rosin out of the flower material. The Rosin looks like a golden tree sap and is full of CBD, THC, CBC, CBG, and a multitude of other cannabinoids. Our method also preserves the natural terpenes from the plant, whereas those are stripped out with other processes.

What Do Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Mean?

- Full Spectrum means that THC is present in the product. Federal guidelines limit this amount to being under .3% Delta9-THC by dry weight volume. All of our full spectrum products are lab tested to ensure they fall under the legal limit.
- Broad Spectrum means that THC has been removed from the product enough where it registers as Non Detect on a lab report.

How Do You Have a THC Capsule?

We take the highest potency full spectrum oil allowed under federal guidelines and encapsulate it to get our THC Rosin Caps. The most THC allowed is 3mg/ml. These capsules go right to the line and are tested by Steep Hill Labs in Little Rock along every step of the way. The THC Rosin Caps are also loaded with other cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, and CBG. All of the products we sell are made from rosin, and they are full of natural terpenes that are preserved by a solventless extraction process.

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