Ouachita Farms Daytime & Nighttime Mixed Gummies Review - Sylng

Ouachita Farms Daytime & Nighttime Mixed Gummies Review - Sylng

Company Overview

Arkansas-based Ouachita Farms is based in the heartland of America. This hemp company has myriad products that are specially formulated to be both legal and efficacious. Ouachita Farms uses a solventless extraction process to create the hemp rosin used in each product.

Ouachita Farms’ products are available around the country. Locals may want to visit the company’s CBD Tasting Room to sample and buy what they need. For convenience, you can also order online and have items shipped directly to your door.

Today I will be trying their Daytime and Nighttime Mixed Gummies.

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Daytime Gummies


The first gummies I decided to try were the Daytime gummies. These gummies were great for a good high during the day without it disrupting your daily schedule. These gummies are infused with both Delta 9 and HHC, which are two cannabinoids that are ideal for a daytime high.

Delta 9 is a potent cannabinoid responsible for the hallucinogenic high you get when you smoke THC. by itself; it’s potent and provides a lot of feel-good euphorias. HHC is the opposite, providing a more mellow high that doesn’t overwhelm you. Together they complement each other well, and they provide a good time.

Each container has 5, 10, or 20 gummies, each with about 20 mg of cannabinoids in the gummy. They are mixed gummies, so there is a variety of flavors inside. I started with one to feel it; it was terrific. It was a remarkable flavor that melted in my mouth; I can describe it as a fruity and tropical flavor.

I felt the effects in about 45 minutes, starting with a burst of energy, and then it gradually became a good body high. I enjoyed it for about 3 hours, which is pretty potent for one little gummy.

Not only did I get a nice jolt of energy – perhaps due to their Delta 9 cannabinoid content – but also a safe, mellow high from the HHC. Who says you can’t have it all? I’m glad I have found these daytime gummies as now, especially in difficult times like these, I can try to improve every day. I’m impressed so far.

Nighttime Gummies

The next thing I decided to try was the Nighttime gummies. They are an absolute dream come true! Not only do they have CBN, a cannabinoid similar to CBD, making them the perfect way to relax before bed after a long day, but they also include Delta 9, which helps combat anxiety. I tried them, and let me tell you; night-time can’t come soon enough so I can kick back and enjoy a gummy made just for relaxation.

I took the gummy, delicious with no sour aftertaste, before my nighttime routine, and it kicked in just as I was getting ready for bed. It knocked me out. I just closed my eyes, and the next thing I remember is opening my eyes with sunlight on my face.

It was one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time, and I owe it to one little gummy.

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Ouachita Farms Daytime & Nighttime Mixed Gummies Review

Ouachita Farms has done it again. These gummies were terrific, and I can’t wait to try more of their products. If you’re looking for a new CBD company, I highly recommend giving Ouachita Farms a shot. Their products are top-notch, and they have great customer service. Try Ouachita Farms today; you won’t be disappointed!

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