About Us

Our Farm Story


Ouachita Farms is a state licensed cannabis farm, processor, and seed labeler located in Central Arkansas. Our lab’s extraction process uses heat and pressure only, no solvents, to create a pure full spectrum rosin with terpenes preserved that goes into our line of products which are carried at our farm stand retail location near Hot Springs and in nearly 200 other stores within the state.

Our core team of founders is made up of four brothers, David, Jeff, Marc, and Mitchell Owen, all entrepreneurs born in Hot Springs and Cesar Mendoza, our COO and Master Farmer, who brings with him over a decade of experience as an engineer at Tesla and General Motors.

The goal was to grow five acres this past season in Lonsdale and with the heavy Spring rains, we ended up with a little over three. Just like other farms in the state, we encountered hurdles like poor genetics, arcane bureaucracy concerning regulation, and caterpillars/flying pests once our crop reached the flowering stage. We also made plenty of mistakes along the way, but learned and “fell forward” from each experience!

The potential for medicinal and health breakthroughs from cannabis is 100% what motivates our team. Our CEO, David Owen, is a true believer in the benefits of plant-based medicine after experiencing a decade of results in treatment of his own autoimmune disease that was diagnosed in 2009. We create a wide range of products that are high in CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, and will continue to stay on the forefront of cannabis research within the state of Arkansas.


FarmerBlox LLC, DBA Ouachita Farms is a licensed Grower, Processor, and Seed Labeler under the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Research Program. 

Grower's License #H25
Processor/Handler License #H26
Seed Dealer/Labeler License #R-515